Boys Town Prize Home Lottery

Art Unions are the primary source of income for many of BoysTown’s services.

The purchase of a BoysTown Lottery ticket can provide the dream of a new life in a million dollar home, but more importantly, it provides hope for a brighter future to disadvantaged young Australians and their families.

BoysTown runs 15 Art Unions each year – 10 Prize Home Draws and five Prestige Car Draws. For only $15 a ticket, each Prize Home Draw gives the chance to win a home in inner Sydney or Melbourne, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. First prize is always in excess of $1 million. A $10 ticket gives Prestige Car Draw supporters the chance to win luxury vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi.

Each year BoysTown creates 10 new millionaires. However, our supporters help provide assistance to tens of thousands of young people in need. Thank you.