Boystown Lottery – FAQs


Do you have a query about your details, how the Art Union is run or just a general enquiry?

  • How long do I have to choose which property I'd like?
    When First Prize is a choice of properties, you have seven days from the draw date to advise which Prize option you will take.
  • Are Prize Homes built by BoysTown or purchased?
    The majority of BoysTown Prize Homes are purchased ready built.
  • How many winners keep the Prize Homes?
    We are not aware of how many winners keep the Prize Home. The decision to sell or not is largely governed by individual circumstances of each winner.
  • How is the draw conducted?
    Draws are usually conducted at the BoysTown Prize Home. The draw details are advertised in the conditions on the back of the ticket, brochures and on our website. Draws are conducted under State Government licensing regulations. A BoysTown official who is not a ticket holder is responsible for the conduct and supervision of the draw, and a CPA is also in attendance. The barrel is a motor driven Perspex see-through rolling cylinder with six compartments. Each compartment is loaded with numbered balls covering all possible ticket number combinations for the draw. This means that if the draw has a maximum of 350,000 tickets, the first compartment will need to be loaded with four balls, 0, 1, 2 and 3 while each subsequent compartment is loaded with balls numbered 0-9. With the press of a button, the barrel rolls for a minimum of 15 seconds. When it stops, the numbered balls automatically fall into the holding compartments producing a number when read from left to right. The number is checked against our computerised record of sold and unsold tickets. If the number drawn is an unsold ticket number, then it will be re-drawn until we have a winner. The process is repeated for supplementary prizes. The Subscription and other promotional prizes are drawn by computer.
  • How are winners notified?
    If a current daytime telephone number is on record, it is used to contact the First Prize winner and inform him/her of their prize as soon as the results from the draw have been confirmed. If we cannot contact the winner via phone they with other prize winners will receive their notification by registered mail. These letters are prepared immediately following the draw and mailed on the day of the draw. Are your contact details up to date?
  • Where do I find draw results?
    Results can be found here
  • What are the odds of winning a prize?
    Your odds of winning a prize are directly related to the number of tickets sold in each draw. If every ticket was sold in a draw of say, 300,000 tickets, and the total number of prizes was three, then the odds of winning a prize would be 1:100,000. The odds of winning First Prize would then be 1:300,000. Compare the odds – your chances of winning are substantially better than offered by many major Lotto games.
  • If I win first prize, can I move in straight away?
    When you come to collect your prize, you will be met by a representative of BoysTown who will take you to your new home and officially hand over the keys. We arrange the transfer of title and you can move into your new home immediately.
  • Can the winner take cash instead of the advertised prize?
    Unfortunately prizes are not transferable for cash.
  • What can I use the Flight Centre Vouchers for other than for plane tickets?
    You choose how to spend your Flight Centre Travel Voucher Prize. You can select a ready made Flight Centre travel package, or design your own holiday to include accommodation and/or flights and/or car hire and/or campervan hire and/or sightseeing passes and/or tours. In fact, virtually any travel product that is offered by Flight Centre can be purchased with your Flight Centre Travel Voucher.
  • If First Prize is an optional property, does BoysTown provide flights and/or accommodation?
    We generally find that winners have made the decision on which property to take well in advance. However, BoysTown is aware of the difficulties faced when winners need cash in order to view both Prizes being offered and where possible a small amount of travel and/or gold is included in the First Prize Package for each option.
  • How many Draws are there per year?
    BoysTown conduct 15 Draws each year – 10 luxury house draws and 5 prestige car draws.
  • As a subscriber how frequently will my credit card be direct debited?
    As a subscriber your credit card will be debited at the commencement of each new Draw. There are 10 luxury house draws per year which are approximately 5 weeks apart and there are 5 prestige car draws per year which are approximately 10 weeks apart.
  • If the Prize Home closes at 4pm on close day, how long do I have to purchase tickets on the Phone or Internet?
    Tickets can be purchased via our Call Centre and Internet on the evening of close day up to 8pm AEST.
  • Is the purchasing of tickets tax deductible?
    Under current Australian Government taxation legislation the purchase of Art Union tickets is not tax deductible. All donations over $2 are tax deductible within Australia.
  • What is BoysTown's refund policy?
    Every endeavor will be made by BoysTown to ensure that Supporters of our Art Unions and Donors are provided with clear and concise information when purchasing Art Union tickets or making a donation.

    In accordance with Australian Consumer Law, BoysTown is not obligated to provide a refund for any ‘change of heart’ decision related to the purchase of a ticket in our Art Unions or donations made to BoysTown.

    However where an individual believes that an error has been made by them or BoysTown, then BoysTown will consider the refund on a case by case basis.

    Where we have made an error or where there has been a genuine mistake made by the purchaser. Then BoysTown will provide a refund in accordance with legislative requirements or specific Art Union licence conditions.

  • How do I request a refund?
    All requests for refunds must be made by the person who originally purchased the goods or services or donated funds. Refund applications should be addressed to the General Manager Fundraising and provide information as outlined below:

    • proof of purchase or donation made
    • the payment date
    • the amount of the payment to be refunded
    • the name of the payee (the supporter or donor)
    • a reference number such as an Customer Account Number or Tax Receipt (if known); and
    • the reason for the refund request


    Where requests are made via telephone, then additional security information may be required to confirm the identity of the person requesting the refund.

  • Where do I send my refund request?

    All refund requests related to our Art Unions or donations to BoysTown or Kids Helpline can be sent to any of the following contact methods: or
    MailGPO Box 2469
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    Telephone1800 555 079 or +617 3368 1444 (Intl.)

  • How soon can I expect my refund?
    All refund requests will be logged into our systems and will be investigated and/or responded to within 20 working days.
  • How will I be refunded?
    BoysTown will only refund in Australian Dollars. The method of refund will be the same as the purchase method with the exception of cash. In the event a supporter has purchased via cash, the refund will be made via either cheque or direct deposit.
  • What if my request for a refund is denied?
    You can send an appeal request to our Chief Executive Officer c/- of the contact details above who will review your appeal and advise the outcome within 20 business days