Deaf Lottery – FAQs

Do you have a query about your details, how the lottery is run or just a general enquiry?

  • How are the winners notified?
    The First Prize winner is contacted via their listed current daytime/mobile number once all of the Draws have been finalised. All winners are then notified by mail via their supplied postal address.
  • How do i receive my tickets?
    Tickets ordered online, via the phone or through the mail will be emailed to your nominated email address provided at the time of purchase as well as mailed out to your supplied postage address. If you would prefer to receive your tickets by email or mail only, please advise us by phoning 1800 773 678 or send an email to
  • I cannot download my tickets?
    Popular email providers like Gmail automatically block images in emails. This means that when you open your email to download a copy of your ticket, you may not be able to see the download button. If you are unable to download your ticket, refer to the prompt near the top of the opened email asking you to ‘display images/pictures below. Please select this option.

    Alternatively, you can use the link at the top of the opened email ‘View Email Online’ to view the website version. You can then download a copy of your ticket by clicking the ‘Download & Print Tickets’ button which can be printed or saved to your computer for your records.

  • How is the Draw conducted?
    Draws are conducted at our Lottery office at 467 Engoggera Road, Alderley, 4053 under strict QLD Government Licence and VIC permit Regulations. An independent Auditor conducts the major Prize Draws. All Prize draws utilize a Government approved electronic drawing program with winners chosen from all valid ticket purchasers. Members of the public are welcome to visit the Lottery Office to watch the Draw.
  • How long do I have to decide on which prize option I wish to choose?
    Winners have fourteen days from the draw date to advise which prize option they wish to take.
  • How much are your tickets?
    Tickets are only $2 each and come in books of $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 and $200. Each book allows the winner to add an extra bonus to the total of their 1st Prize winnings. For example, a $100 Book adds $55,000 in extra Prizes to the First Prize value. If you want to order more or less tickets than those available online, then simply phone 1800 773 678 (Free Call Australia).
  • If I order tickets late in the Lottery or on the day of the close, are my tickets still included in the Draw?
    All tickets processed before the time of the close of the Lottery will be entered into the Draw. Customers whose orders for tickets are received after the close of the Draw will be sent tickets in the next Lottery. If these tickets are not wanted they can be returned prior to the close of this new Lottery for a refund.
  • Are Deaf Lottery tickets tax deductable?
    Under current Australian Government taxation legislation the purchase of Lottery tickets is not tax deductible as the purchaser has the opportunity to win something in return. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. You can make a donation here.