RSL Art Union – FAQs


Do you have a query about your details, how the Art Union is run or just a general enquiry?

  • I would like to buy tickets. What are the payment options?
    All major credit cards are accepted, direct debit from your nominated (Australian) bank account, cheque or money order or Bpay from your Australian bank account. We are not able to accept international cheques. Cash payments are only accepted at the Prize Home or our nominated agents.
  • How do I receive my tickets?
    Tickets ordered on the Website will be emailed to your nominated email address provided at the time of placing your order. All other tickets will be mailed to the address provided when you purchased.
  • I am not able to view my emailed tickets?
    Many popular email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo etc automatically block images in emails. This means when you open your ticket, you may not be able to see the image of the ticket. If your email provider is blocking the image it will usually display a prompt at/near the top of the opened email which reads similar to: “Images are not displayed.” It will also usually contain two options – “Display images below” or “Always display images from RSL Art Union [].” Select either of these options to view the ticket image in the email.
    Alternatively, you can use the link at the top of the opened email which states: “Click here to view the website version.” This will open the email on the internet. The ticket can then be saved from this location by right clicking and selecting the appropriate action. Once saved, the ticket can then be filed on your computer, or printed if required.
  • Why does the return envelope for overseas members have a Singapore address?
    All international mail is sent to you using a reputable Australian mail company. The international mail distribution base is located in Singapore, meaning that all international mail passes through and is stamped in Singapore. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your mail to arrive.
  • Can I select how RSL communicate with me?
    Yes you can. You can choose to be contacted by mail, email or phone. Contact our call centre or send us an email with your request.
  • I am not receiving any brochures?
    Your membership may have lapsed and therefore you may not be receiving any brochures from us, or you may have moved and have not told us. Please contact our customer service team or send us an email with your enquiry:
  • How do I find out if I have won any of your great prizes?
    After each draw, the winners are notified by Registered Mail. Comprehensive results are available on the website after it has been drawn. They are also available in public notices of ‘The Courier Mail’ and ‘The Australian’ two days after the draw. Click to view the latest results.
  • Where is the draw held?
    A public draw is held for each Art Union. The draw is held at the RSL Art Union office located on Level 2, 283 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley, Queensland 4006 or as specified on Art Union tickets.
  • How do I sign up as a VIP?
    You can let us know if you would like to a VIP by a number of ways:

    • Simply select ‘become a VIP’ when purchasing your tickets online and be sure to complete all the requested details.
    • You can tick and sign the VIP section of your next mail order form
    • Give us a call on the phone numbers above to sign up
  • How do I pay for my VIP tickets?
    There are a number of ways you can do this:

    • You can pay using your credit card and your payment will be deducted on the opening day of each draw.
    • We can set up a direct debit from your nominated bank account, contact our customer service team.
  • If I become a VIP Member can I stop or alter my automatic tickets?
    Of course, you’re totally in control. As a VIP customer you decide when you would like to cease future ticket purchases. Just give our friendly team a call to alter your VIP Membership
  • I've purchased a ticket book of $20 or more in a standard Art Union, how do I receive my free tickets?
    Your free entries will be included on your Art Union ticket.
  • Do I have to pay tax on the first prize if I win?
    All RSL Art Union prizes are completely Tax Free to the value of the prize.
  • If I win first prize and do not wish to live in the property, what are my alternatives?
    Winners of the main prize have a number of options:
    1. Sell it ‘tax free’
    2. Add to your investment portfolio
    3. Rent the property and gain a rental income
  • What do you do with the telephone number that I enter?
    The number you enter is used for the sole purpose of connecting you to our customer service staff so we may assist. Your number is not sold or stored for any other purpose.
  • I have received a missed call from 07 3117 7605 or 61 7 3117 7606. Is this the RSL?
    It sure is. Our usual call centre number 1300 775 888 does not display when you have a missed call but 07 3117 7605 or 3117 7606 may appear, however it is definitely the RSL. You may return this call using the number displayed or, if you prefer our normal phone numbers located above. Alternatively we will call you again at a later date.
  • I order my tickets through the mail. Why would RSL be calling me?
    If we have a query regarding your order, RSL will contact you to clarify your details and your ticket requirements.
  • I'd like to be notified when your next Art Union starts. Can I be kept up to date via email?
    Yes, simply ring our call centre and tell us your email address. We’ll make sure that you are included in communication that notifies you of when the next Art Union starts.
  • I sent you an email, generally how quickly will you respond?
    As one of the most popular lottery web sites in Australia we receive many email enquiries. We aim to address the vast majority of email enquiries within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours).
  • What are the opening times of your Prize Homes?
    Our beautiful prize homes are open from 9am until 5pm 7 days per week. We do close for selected QLD and national public holidays. If you’d like to check, please contact our customer service team on the phone numbers above.
  • Are all of your houses new?
    The majority of our prize homes are built brand new, some are existing homes, expertly renovated. Occasionally, the RSL Art Union will purchase a home and refurbish it. In both instances the RSL works closely with our accredited partners in the building industry to ensure the highest quality of standards are maintained.
  • I live overseas, can I still enter?
    Yes, overseas Supporters can enter the Art Union (however, you should check your own country’s regulations). Please also note, all prize and ticket values are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD). The RSL Art Union can only accept payment for tickets in this currency. Ticket payment will be accepted from credit card, direct debit or Bpay from only an Australian bank account.
  • I'd really like to see more information on each room, but I am having difficulty. Can you help?
    Sure. Our interactive floor plans work on nearly all computers, in essence you just move your curser over the plan and individual photos will show the details of the room.
  • Who do I contact if I’d like to know more?
    You can send us an email to or call our customer service centre on (AUS) 1300 775 888, (NZ) 0800 450 970 or (INT) +61 7 3117 7606.